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Favourite Web Marketing Tools

There is endless amounts of tools available for web marketing. I’ve collated some of my favourite at the moment. Other suggestions are welcome!


Guide to Social Media Image Sizes

Sick of seeing your nice logo or banner skewed and stretched beyond recognition? Sprout Social have created a fantastic guide for all the various social media platforms. which, according to them, is “Always Up-to-Date”.
Link is very handy tool to quickly reducde the size of images and photos whilst maintaining a high quality. Important to reduce page load on your blog or website.



Webresizer is nifty tool to edit, crop, and resize images



As a marketer you want to have rich content delivered to your audiences at a time that suits them not you. Buffer is scheduling tool for multiple social media accounts.

Stats, stats and more stats. There is no point in aimlessly posting content without knowing the effectiveness of your efforts. Step up Bitly, a link shortening tool with some solid back-end stats. The free version is adequate for most users but if you want the added extra of using your own customised link a pro version is for you.


Twitter Analytics

While you are probably aware of the basic analytics Twitter gives you for each tweet, did you know you can get more in depth stats? Sign up for a Twitter Adverts account (You don’t need to actually advertise) and enter nerd stat heaven.


Social Mention

Want to find out what people are saying about you or your brand? Social Mention is easy to use tool to check social media in real time.


Happy Marketing!

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