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Dyslexia: Resources for Parents, Educators (and Grandparents!)

Following on from my chat with George Hook earlier today I’ve pulled together a list of resources that may be helpful to parents, educators, or even concerned grandparents like George!

BDA (British Dyslexia Association) has plenty of great resources including this handy list of indicators. It’s not an exhaustive list, but a good point of reference for those concerned about their children.

AUTHOR: Thomas Richard Miles/ T. R. Miles
The late T.R. Miles was probably one of the best researchers/authors when it comes to dyslexia. He was Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Bangor University and dedicated his life to understanding dyslexia.
T.R. Miles Books on Amazon

If you see the signs or have a concern that your child may have dyslexia or other SLD, then your first port of call is to get an assessment by a qualified educational psychologist. There are educational psychologists based right around the country. Alternatively The Dyslexia Association of Ireland has a team of educational psychologists who provide assessment services in Dublin city centre. Unfortunately assessment is not cheap, almost €500.
Assessment Information from DAI

Department of Education Information
The Department of Education has some limited resources for parents and teachers available on their website.Department of Education Information

Whilst Dyslexia brings many issues and challenges, it should not be seen as a complete negative. Many successful people in the field of music, art, literature, business, and education are dyxlexic.
Check out The True Gifts of a Dyslexic Mind, a TEDx Talk by Dean Bragonier.
TEDx Video

Also check out Richard Branson’s TED Talk here

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