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Moving On

I recently left my position in VISUAL Carlow after 2 great years, leading a fantastic Box Office team through a number of key changes and developing a unique patron-led experience.

I had thought about it for a while and had made my final decision just before the pandemic hit, throwing the world economies on its head. But decisions made are not for changing!

I have a skill for leaving positions just as a global crisis hits.

In 2001, on September 11th, I sat in a plush 5 star hotel in London at a onboarding session, having just signed a contract 24 hours before. A couple of hours later, that very industry I had just joined was thrown into disarray as fear of terrorism wiped consumer confidence.

I had a similar experience during the last recession. Packing my bags and moving to a new town to pursue a new life.

But fear of the unknown or being out of one’s comfort zone is not a good enough reason to remain static or stagnant. Always be changing, adapting, and learning.

Change is good, challenging one’s self is vital.

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